Stop hating poor potatoes!

Most people kick potatoes off their plate but this vegetable has been a staple for many through centuries. Misinformation surrounding carbohydrates and weight gain has put a bad light on potatoes as they are dominantly sources of starch (carbs) but these tubers are very nutritious and contain healthy amounts of vitamin C, potassium, fiber and antioxidants. Potatoes have resistant starch (fiber) which is not easily digested in our gut and thus helps to regulate blood sugar levels and helps in maintaining gut and digestive health. Potatoes can also help with weightloss (WHAT!!??) as they make us feel full for longer.

The takeaway box:

Potatoes aren’t unhealthy so befriending them and adding them in your diets to avail all the good nutrition and fiber. Sure, they are high in carbohydrates and like all foods, having too much of it may not be a good idea but in moderation they’re healthier foods compared to processed or sugar laden option and they’re naturally gluten free and hence a great carb source for people who suffer from celiac disease. Though I have made my point of explaining health benefits of potatoes, this doesn’t mean you hog on chips and fries without guilt! Having them boiled, baked or steamed is the best way to cook them and their skin is packed with nutrients but most conventional recipes would make you peel them so it’s a personal preference.

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