I'm Akbar! freelance nutrition coach, ex- food safety officer and full time chocolate enthusiast. 

Hi! I am a freelance nutrition coach and I like to help people mend their lifestyle using holistic approach which not only improves their dietary habits but also works on their fitness and mindfulness. I have worked as an employee in past so I know how challenging it can be for one to manage their diet, exercise regime and stress while juggling a full time job and the hurdles it brings along. 

I faced childhood obesity and the downsides it brings along. there were a lot of hurdles (literal ones included) which I couldn't jump over till I was 20. During my own transformation journey I met with a whole new side of me who was active, confident and an achiever. I've learned a lot through my qualifications and own experiences and I want to use my skills help others because I know exactly how it feels to keep running on the treadmill at the gym and not reach anywhere near your goals or to lift all that weight and not gain any muscle, just to end up feeling defeated and empty of motivation.

Take on a journey towards a healthy lifestyle with me...


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I don't like handing out a sheet of paper which tells you what and when to eat and drink.  I like to work more closely with my clients and help them understand the importance of healthy eating and making them take up the responsibility of their own plate. I introduce my clients to a whole different side of dieting which is easy, fun and empowering because I wouldn't want to be on a diet which starves me or make me eat something that I don't want to, so why should my clients?!


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As rightly said by Sir Francis Bacon, "Knowledge is power" and I want my clients to develop curiosity and learn more about food during their journey with me.  A simple Google about nutrition, healthy eating and dieting may make you end up farther from the truth if you are not well informed about facts and basics. The aim of my blogs is simple, to compile scientific facts from authentic sources and simplify it for you.  My blogs may not be short info-nuggets but they have enough information for you to easily understand the concepts and cut through the fad BS floating around, so get yourself a cuppa and have a good read!


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I know sometimes its hard to get sh*t done and I go through it too.  Journey towards healthy living can be frustrating and seldom disappointing.  I understand the mental and emotional hurdles my clients face during their transformation and as a coach my most important role is to keep my clients motivated and excited for the next step.

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